DonateThroughout his whole life Roma has been homeless. Help Roma get a better start, when he gets out of prison. Help us to find a secure place that he can call his home once he is out and ready to start a new life.

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The question is whether Roma can finally gain control of life, now facing adulthood?

Synopsis : As a 13-year-old boy, he became the poster boy of the Ukrainian revolution. Now Roma is back on the streets with nothing in his pocket but a lighter and a knife. Can he get his life together before it’s too late?

Director: Olha Zhurba

Outline: During the revolution in Ukraine in 2014, the 13-year-old street boy Roma runs around the front line in Kyiv, throwing stones and Molotov cocktails. He quickly becomes a familiar face and a mascot for the revolution. But behind the camouflage-colored uniform, the sunglasses and the fearlessness hides a failed boy from an orphanage, who five years later turns 18 and is suddenly back on the street with nothing in his pocket but a lighter and a knife. Roma ends up with his faithful and criminal big brother, who is equally marked by their common upbringing. Through telephone conversations between Roma and director Olha Zhurba, videos from surveillance cameras and seven years of footage of Rome's ballad making, drug abuse and wandering around life, a story is formed about a rootless young man and a family scattered for all to see. 


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