Connecting the dots between sharing and documentaries

The goal of Share.Doc

We have a Pilot today!

A documentary can take you on a journey to meet extraordinary people. You see for example a person providing education to kids in a warzone or you see a woman like Maxima who battles out against greed and corruption. They have shared their most intimate struggles, hopes and fears. You have come to know them and admire their bravery. And you want to do something, but you can’t, because documentary protagonists share their stories not their contact details. But what if you could do something?

Here is where our pilot of Share.Doc comes in. As of today Share.doc offers the documentary audience a possibility to turn their empathy into action.

With the pilot, share.Doc wants to investigate whether there is a need for such a foundation that will provides support through an online platform for the people who are followed in documentaries, the protagonists, in the form of individual donations and participation so you can help the person or an or organization that supports a similar cause.

Share.Doc connects the story of the protagonist from a specific documentary to a big impact. The platform aims to close the gap between the world of documentary films, philanthropy and participation