The goal of Share.Doc

During the IDFA at the Oxfam Novib selection Share.Doc could explore as to whether the audience is just as enthusiastic about a peer to peer platfom as Share.Doc is. And the answer was yes they did! 

'Share.Doc is the first international platform that enables people to take direct action after watching a documentary film to support a cause or protagonist. The platform enables documentary-lovers with a conscience to act on what they feel. 

You can click or scan the QR code to donate or support the protagonist and/or the linked charity or sign up for a participation activity or campaign.

Who we are and what we do

The platform connects the story of the protagonist from a specific documentary to a bigger impact. The platform which aims to close the gap between the world of documentary films, philanthropy and participation. Connecting the dots between sharing and documentaries.

Share.Doc helps film makers and their protagonists directly with the P2P. At the same time, Share.Doc brings about an extra effect. Documentary audiences have a strong need to be more involved in a documentary, a need that goes further than just watching and discussing. Sharedoc offers a practical means to express that involvement and to increase it. This can lead to greater satisfaction and it creates a closer and larger group of interested parties. Sharedoc can thus contribute to and increase the impact for the documentary Industry.

Share.Doc operates by means of an online platform that enables people to support a good cause financially or participatory. The protagonists from international documentaries are signed up to the Share.Doc platform by the filmmaker. They can be connected with charity organizations that support people from similar backgrounds, which we call matched funding. After having watched a documentary, film lovers can donate money or participate in a campaign, like a signature campaign or organized Twitter activism. Share.Doc is committed to helping vulnerable communities by connecting different worlds. Documentaries and organizations can be found under different themes, which in turn are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Share.Doc is the first international platform that enables people to take action after watching a documentary film. It is the first of its kind. The platform enables documentary-lovers with a conscience to act on what they feel.

About the founders

With over 30 years of experience as a filmmaker and producer of Borsboom Filmproductions, Anne Marie Borsboom is today the proud founder of Share.Doc. She was one of the first camerawomen in the Netherlands, working for a wide variety directors. She also directed several film’s including Homesick, Carnalval-woman and Boi, song of a wonderer. Throughout her career she engaged and interacted with film festival directors, filmmakers around the world, which led her to the idea of creating a platform that enables documentary makers and their audiences to give back. Share.Doc is the result of her journey as a devoted filmmaker and collaboration with Ruth Terpstra working as a freelance sound technician in the film industry but overall experienced in project innovation and management. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Founded in Amsterdam since 2019, Share.doc is a non-profit ANBI foundation, KvK nr: 74468847 & SBI-Code: 94996. We form a little team of pioneers. Founder: Anne Marie Borsboom, filmmaker. Board: Jose Smits, Michelle van den Berg, Ada Vermeer.

What is your goal, what do you want to make happen?
Our goal is to provide peer-to-peer action from the public to protagonist in a documentaries. Share.Doc operates by means of an online platform and an app that enables people to support a good cause financially or participatory. A pilot will give us insight as to build and run a worldwide self sustaining platform during our start-up years.

How can I help?
As aspiring donor you can go to the link-QR code donate to the protagonist or sign up for a participation activity or campaign. Examples in our pilot where the film Máxima -go to Land Righs Now to participate with. For Overseas -go to We-care of Oxfam Novib

Donations by Dutch citizens are tax deductible under ANBI conditions. Detailed information can be found on the website of the Dutch tax service.

And my privacy? 
We will not ask or use any personal data from donators on Share.doc's platform. Only from the industie people who subscribe. 

How do I get in contact or get updates from Share.doc? 
Go to our website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

Where can I find financial information on Share.doc? 
We will publish our annual reports on our website which includes details of expenditure.

Why now? 
People’s mobilization and activist movements have become increasingly important, specifically those of marginalized groups, including women- and LGBTQI-led movements. Share.Doc aims to contribute to this political shift by showing the work activist organizations and civil society initiatives are doing worldwide and strengthening them in terms of finances and other support.

With technological innovations and changes in the way people spend their money, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer platforms have seen an explosive growth over the past few years. There is a shift to the ‘sharing economy’. Share.Doc follows this trend: it seamlessly fits into this market but focuses on ‘doing good’ rather than making money.